The internet has changed and improved the way business is run today. If you belong to the old economy group, it is time to prepare yourself to enter this new frontier with us. Our areas of specialisation are:
Designing, maintaining and hosting web sites.
Setting up portal and intranet to enable global sharing of information; examples:
  • Classified advertisements
  • Condominium facilities booking
  • Intranet for company using Share Point
  • Implementing voice logging system.
    As an ASP, we build online internet applications; such as:
  • Creating an online store to post and sell your company's products.
  • (See Details)
  • CCTV online monitoring.
  • (See Details)
  • Having a content management system (CMS)
  • (See Details)
    Email hosting for company and corporate
  • Free domain registration
  • Allow access of emails through both Web Mail and POP3 mail program
  • Setup and configurate company Gmail
  • Option to have SMS mail alert connected to the email account
  • Setup server-based network system, with options for:
  • Centralise file and application sharing
  • Remote access through IP Sec or SSL
  • Centralise Anti-Virus installation and update
  • Choice of Linux or Microsoft OS server
  • Discounted price for ADSL connection to internet provided by ISP; such as, Singnet and M1 (business plan).
    In addition, we provide PC solution; such as:
  • Rescue virus infected PC
  • Data recovery; such as: Ms Access data file recovery
  • Configurate customised PC with free delivery
  •   We also specialise in database development to enable integrated, secured, complete and timely data to be shared among the departments in a company, without incurring big budget. With companies generally use different computer applications in various departments (e.g. the Finance department uses Excel spreadsheet and MIS department uses Access Database), we can enhance these back office applications to consolidate information for the company's management reporting or statutory reporting.
      We are a company that provides software solution to assist company to enter this new frontier of E-Commerce. Once your website is fully constructed, we can further advise you on how to network your office PCs (wireless communication if desired). At the same time setup a databases management system for easy access and sharing of information in your office environment.
      Our company is equipped with knowledge and technical know how that can enable you to enter this new way of doing business effectively and economically. Whether your firm is selling chilli source or BMW, there is always space for improvement through
      If you are a retail shop that needs to be known to the world, we have the solution; if you are a company that needs to have timely centralised reporting, we have the solution.
    In order to enjoy the fastest and most reliable connections around the world, please contact our sales office now or call (65)638 72271(Office).
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