SMS mail alert
  • The basic service for this mail alert is that at daily 11:30 a.m. the system will send a SMS message to your handphone when ever there is new mail in your mail box.
  • The service can also extend to send message to your handphone whenever there is new mail, or at a predetermine interval (such as every hourly) to alert you if there is new mail.
  • This services is provided free for customers (with online store) that already hosted with for at least 2 years. And 75% discount for other customers with at least 2 years hosting their website with
  • For customers that hosted with for at least 1 year, 50% discount.

    Other SMS facility
  • Bulk SMS at 3 cents per message. This facility is especially useful to send your customers with message containing season greeting and special promotion; e.g. Christmas SMS greeting and New Year special promotion (No registration fee for existing customer).

  • If you are interested in this services, please submit your request , or call 6387 2271 for details.