Beside providing web base applications, our company has a software section comprises of experience software engineers and programmers that had been previously working in India and local corporates (e.g. DBS Bank). Thus, should you need consultation on software customisation and development, such as, customising a system to enable monitoring and reporting of updated inventory status, we will be able to help you out. In addition, we have developed some off the selves packages that can solve your office daily process.
Usually customers have a conception that any customisation of software will be expensive. This is due to the software engineer will need to be present at your site to understand your specifications and requirements. However this might not be the case at This is because the program and data are treated seperately. What our engineers do are upon understand your needs, they will proto-type a stand alone copy for you to do testing until your requirements are met. After which, they will use email and a self invoke module (build in at your program) for you to perform auto-update to program's modifications (without affecting the data). Thus, saving the cost to pay for the on-site visit.
  • Quotations & Invoices Monitoring System
  • Project Cost Control System
  • Payroll system, with IR8A yearly reporting (option to include thumb print access)
  • Accounting Package, such as: Simply Accounting.
  • To show our appreciation for our value customers, where their websites have been designed and hosted by for at least two years, they are entitled 10% to 50% off (retail price) on any of the above mentioned system.
    Please click here to see the user manual on the integrated modules of quotation and invoice system.