Webilite has four flexible hosting plans ranging from 10MB to 160MB. However, we can specifically design a customised package to suit your needs.
Our team of professional Web Designers will help you in building an effective and impressive Web site which open up a new E-commence channel in your business.
We provide free registration of your domain name; that is, your dot com name on the internet is provided free by Webilite*.
Our friendly and professional team of Programmers and Web Designers will assist you in implementing and setting up your E-commerce from scratch! Let us know if you have any queries or comments!

*Please refer to sales agreement for details.

**Company will be able to have their own mailing domain.

 Disk Space  10 MB
 E-mail  Webilite Account, 6MB
 Discount  Offer price for 1 page
 Hosting Contract  Yearly (Auto Renewal)
 Web Page Status  Text Display
 Disk Space  40 MB
 E-mail  Webilite Account, 12MB
 Discount  Offer price for 2 pages
 Hosting Contract  Yearly(Auto Renewal)
 Web Page Status  Text and Graphic
 Discounted Application  Payroll System ($280)
 Disk Space  80 MB
 E-mail  Webilite Account,18MB
 Discount  Offer price for 3 pages
 Hosting Contract  Yearly (Auto Renewal)
 Web Page Status  Graphic, Animation
 Free Application (12 Mths)  Quotations, Invoices (click_for_details)
 Disk Space  160 MB
 E-mail  ** Mail Server
 Discount  Offer price for 4 pages
 Hosting Contract  Yearly (Auto Renewal)
 Web Page Status  Interactive, on-line
 Free Application (12 Mths)  Quotations, Invoices
 Free Payroll System With IR8A Reporting
 On-line Order  Yes
 On-line Payment  Optional